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01/22/17 11:17 AM #436    


Pat Whitford (Paterson) (1965)

Thanks Carol Barnes.  Found the C65 picture.

02/24/17 07:14 PM #437    


Henry Taggart (1967)

I am looking forward to this great reunion! I have my flight and accommodations booked. Looking to getting reacquainted with as many grads as possible! 😉😍😉😍

03/05/17 10:27 AM #438    


Lorne Truscott

Hello everyone

I just opened the "Rock 'n Roll" email.  It gave me goosebumps to see the many local bands featured in the Blossom Festival Battle of the Bands during the 60s.  For anyone interested in looking up their favorite group from that era, there is an excellent website at  The site lists over 3,000 bands from the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, all the way from the 50s to the 80s.

05/09/17 08:04 PM #439    

Faye Sweeting (Wightman) (1966)

I am so sorry that I won't be able to attend the 2017 reunion as it would have been fun to see everyone again. I think i have only made it to one reunion so my track record is not great.  My daughter and her husband and 2 kids moved to Australia last summer and I will be visiting them for the month of September.  It is such a long way to go that you really have to stay for at least 3-4 weeks to make the trip worthwhile. I was there for Christmas 2016 and boy was it hot- 40 degrees with humidity of 75%.  They said it was an unusual summer!!  Give me Vancouver rain any day over that temperature.  The reunion sounds like so much fun- congratulations to the group that put it together.  Faye Wightman (nee Sweeting)



06/08/17 07:56 PM #440    


Terry Biccum (1966)

Just to let you all know it is slowly getting closer to the reunion and  I personally would like to thank all members and hopefully new members to support your Legion. I realize that some grads are against any advertizing in regards to the Legion but your Legion supports all functions concerning the reunion. As most of your are aware of this new Generation do not lean towards what our fellow military have done and are still doing to to keep Canada what it is today. Our Legions are on a decline and only you can keep us going with your support. On that note, our Legion is trying to keep above ground so we need your support, either as a member or support our functions.

So we have  MIKE STENHOUSE, a local musician, playing at the Legion on Fridays at least once a month.  We had him on Blossem Festival Weekend, and with all that was going on we had a success.

So, Friday, June 09,2016 at &  he will be playing at the Legion from 7 pm to 11 pm at a cost of only $7 per person.  Well worth it to listen and dance to.  Come out and enjoy yourselves. 

06/15/17 03:21 PM #441    

Allan Zackodnik (1966)

I recognize one of the boxers in the most recently added photographs as Jim Wilson who resides in West Creston.

06/16/17 10:54 AM #442    


Cathy Ryckman (Pretty) (1965)

Yes...Jim Wilson...and the other two are Richard Hollowink and Gene Maletta

06/16/17 12:23 PM #443    


Lorne Truscott


What's your address? I'd like to make a donation to the Legion.  Many of my family members served in WWII, and I think the Legion was a good place for them to get together with other veterans.  Since the Second World War people are now reaching the end of their lives, I imagine there isn't as much activity, but I'd like to help support it anyway.

I remember the Armistice Day parade in Creston, with veterans of both World Wars marching down Canyon Street and up to the cenotaph for the ceremony.  I understand after that many of them retired to the Legion to reminisce.  Someone once said, "I'm not a hero, the men and women who didn't return are the heroes", but they all put themselves in harm's way.





06/16/17 07:47 PM #444    


Terry Biccum (1966)

Bravo Zulu Lorne that would be great exspecially when most legions are struggling to keep their doors open the address is: Royal Canadian Legion, Br. 29, P.O. Box 135, Creston< B.C, V0B1G0

06/16/17 07:54 PM #445    


Terry Biccum (1966)






06/16/17 07:55 PM #446    


Terry Biccum (1966)


06/17/17 03:22 PM #447    


Pat Whitford (Paterson) (1965)

The 2014 PCSS Class Reunion brought many of us together on Friday evening at the Meet and Greet which took place in the Legion Hall, Creston.  Since then, local classmates have become Legion members, volunteers and attendees at the Legion breakfasts and other Legion events.  Our reunion committee continued to meet after the 2014 reunion weekend, planning the hosting three 1950's dances, each of which took place in the hall.. 

With the support of Legion members (and classmates) such as Terry Biccum, Pat (Zackodnik)Kilback, Ian Currie and Eileen(Stubbington)Browne, we will once again gather at the Legion Hall on Friday, September 15th for the Meet and Greet, PCSS Reunion.

Thank you to Creston's Legion and see you in September.

06/18/17 10:22 AM #448    


Ardis Clarkston (MacLeod) (1965)

Have fun at the Reunion. 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. My husband, Ian, has multiple sclerosis (since about 1994) and can't travel (other than his legs and one hand, he is otherwise ok). He is a retired downtown Vancouver lawyer. Small world connection - he was President/Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce (1992-1993), as was Elido Salvador (1977-1978). Ian actually spoke to the Creston Chamber of Commerce in 1992. 

We have been married for 43 years, and during that time have lived in lived 8 communities (before law, Ian was a banker and moved a lot). We have lived in Richmond since 1987. 

We have 4 children and 7 (so far) grandchildren, the youngest born just last month. A full family picture from 2 years ago, plus 2 new grandchildren since then, is on my profile as is a picture from Mothers' day, with grandson Arlo (age 2). 

Again,enjoy the reunion - sorry I can't be there.

btw The correct spelling of my maiden name is Clarkston ("t" is missing) and married name is MacLeod (capital "L").

06/19/17 09:45 AM #449    


Robin Cherbo (1965)

Hi All

My spouse, Coleen Driscoll and I are looking forward to attending the 2017 Class Reunion. I currently am a member of the Royal Canadian Leigon in Nelson. I was in the Royal Canadian Engineers Cadets in Creston as well as the Militia. I believe other classmates were as well. Wish everyone a great summer and our condolences to Ron Toyota in the passing of his mother.

06/22/17 03:09 PM #450    


Val Floer (Fellman) (1967)

Our deepest sympathy to fellow classmate Vicki Vigne Potts on the passing of her husband, Ken, on June 11, 2017.

06/23/17 07:13 AM #451    


Henry Taggart (1967)

Sincerest condolences Vicki! Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of great sadness! Be strong until you meet again! 

06/23/17 10:01 AM #452    


Betty Phillips (Marzke) (1967)

With much help I have finally made it on to the site.  There is so much to say and only so many words.  

I would like to express my empathy for those who are struggling with illness or the illness of a spouse or child or grandchild.  Life happens in all its loveliness.  I would also like to express my sympathy on the passing of loved ones.  Fortunately the love never dies.

Looking forward to being on here and catching up.

Marian's mother turned 97 on Wednesday and she looks great!  That's Babs Jones for you in the know.


07/06/17 08:09 AM #453    


Michelle Kinney (Pratt) (1967)

I would like to thank all the organizers for this event.  It is a huge job to put this on and tracking down everyone we possibly can. Hoping more people register for this wonderful get together. See you in September.

08/26/17 12:33 PM #454    


Elizabeth Phypers (McGeachy) (1965)

Do hope you all have a good time at the reunion! Nice to catch up with old friends.  Didn't realize there would be another one this year.

We had been planning a trip up the coastline with my sister, Dorothy and her husband  on their boat. A  long time dream of theirs had been to show us all the places they had travelled  when they were commercial  fishing .

Then Dorothy was unexpectedly diagnosed with a very aggressive terminal cancer.  We promised her that If we didn't get to go before she left us, we would  go with her husband after. She passed away in May but as September is the best time for this trip  it looks like we'll be out on the water.  But will be thinking of you all.

08/27/17 08:48 AM #455    


Nora Good (McDowell) (1967)

Oh Bessie, I didn't know this was in the works and I am so happy for you and for Ted too.
Lots of love,
Nora McDowell

09/06/17 03:22 PM #456    

Dennis Rejman (1967)

To all fellow classmates.  I’m sorry I cannot attend this re-union.  I have tried to work something out so that I could be there, to reminisce.  I have been retired since 2007 from the Ministry of Transportation and Highways after 37 years.  I’m am married (38 years) and have two children a boy and girl.  I live in McBride BC, since 1978, for those that don’t know where it is, it is between Prince George and Jasper.  If you are ever up this way and have time, please stop by.  I could meet you for a coffee.  Wish I could have made it to Creston as I still have family there.  Dennis Rejman

09/07/17 09:28 AM #457    


Val Floer (Fellman) (1967)

Hi Dennis.  We are very soory you cannot attend, and we know you tried your best .  Thank you for your message.  It was great to reconnect with you after 50 years.  Next visit to Creston, please pop in for coffee and a good chat of days gone by!  I'm sure there will be photos posted on the website after the reunion, so be sure to check in afterwards.  Cheers!  Val.  

09/20/17 11:41 AM #458    


Peg Murray (Waldbauer) (1966)

Just went to the reunion and I have to say, it was FANTASTIC!!! THANKS SO MUCH to the committee for such a super job - your hard work was appreciated by so many. And the band was so much fun. Thanks again everyone.... and those who attended too.

09/21/17 10:02 AM #459    


Roy MacGregor (1966)

The Spirit of the 60's is alive and well in Creston. This most recent grad reunion was once again a great time and well attended. Thanks to all involved in organizing and putting it together. Great MC job by Guy Salvador who has the school history down pat and to all those who had stories to share. Thank you for the memories.

09/21/17 10:10 AM #460    


Lorne Truscott

What can you say but "Terrific".  Thanks for letting a Class of '63 grad sneak into your wonderful reunion.  I saw many people I haven't seen in over 50 years, and enjoyed chatting with them.  The decorations were first class, the organization was super, the food was delicious and the music was great.  Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work in organizing such a great reunion.  Even the attendance was over the top.  My wife has been on the reunion committee for her high school reunions in Sacramento, so I've seen their reunions for many years.  From a graduating class of 735, they're lucky to get 50 graduates and and their spouses.  And the decorations are pretty meager.  Makes me proud to be a PCSS grad.  


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