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08/27/17 08:48 AM #455    


Nora Good (McDowell) (1967)

Oh Bessie, I didn't know this was in the works and I am so happy for you and for Ted too.
Lots of love,
Nora McDowell

09/06/17 03:22 PM #456    

Dennis Rejman (1967)

To all fellow classmates.  I’m sorry I cannot attend this re-union.  I have tried to work something out so that I could be there, to reminisce.  I have been retired since 2007 from the Ministry of Transportation and Highways after 37 years.  I’m am married (38 years) and have two children a boy and girl.  I live in McBride BC, since 1978, for those that don’t know where it is, it is between Prince George and Jasper.  If you are ever up this way and have time, please stop by.  I could meet you for a coffee.  Wish I could have made it to Creston as I still have family there.  Dennis Rejman

09/07/17 09:28 AM #457    


Val Floer (Fellman) (1967)

Hi Dennis.  We are very soory you cannot attend, and we know you tried your best .  Thank you for your message.  It was great to reconnect with you after 50 years.  Next visit to Creston, please pop in for coffee and a good chat of days gone by!  I'm sure there will be photos posted on the website after the reunion, so be sure to check in afterwards.  Cheers!  Val.  

09/20/17 11:41 AM #458    


Peg Murray (Waldbauer) (1966)

Just went to the reunion and I have to say, it was FANTASTIC!!! THANKS SO MUCH to the committee for such a super job - your hard work was appreciated by so many. And the band was so much fun. Thanks again everyone.... and those who attended too.

09/21/17 10:02 AM #459    


Roy MacGregor (1966)

The Spirit of the 60's is alive and well in Creston. This most recent grad reunion was once again a great time and well attended. Thanks to all involved in organizing and putting it together. Great MC job by Guy Salvador who has the school history down pat and to all those who had stories to share. Thank you for the memories.

09/21/17 10:10 AM #460    


Lorne Truscott

What can you say but "Terrific".  Thanks for letting a Class of '63 grad sneak into your wonderful reunion.  I saw many people I haven't seen in over 50 years, and enjoyed chatting with them.  The decorations were first class, the organization was super, the food was delicious and the music was great.  Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work in organizing such a great reunion.  Even the attendance was over the top.  My wife has been on the reunion committee for her high school reunions in Sacramento, so I've seen their reunions for many years.  From a graduating class of 735, they're lucky to get 50 graduates and and their spouses.  And the decorations are pretty meager.  Makes me proud to be a PCSS grad.  


09/23/17 12:18 PM #461    

Ann Leins (Stoughton) (1966)

Thank you to everyone for a job well done.  I truly enjoyed the reunion and seeing classmates from so long ago.  I especially enjoyed the band and feel that after 50 years, the band "still has it".  The music and singing was fantastic.


I want to especially thank Pat Whitford and Karen Paulus for ensuring that we got our breakfast on the Sunday.  Am certain that after all the hard work they had done for the weekend, "waitressing" would have been the last thing that they felt like doing on Sunday!  You did a great job and thank you so much


Ann Stoughton(Leins)

10/06/17 04:36 PM #462    


Roy MacGregor (1966)

Just by way of information the Creston Advance did a brief interview with Ambassadors and friends that may be found by googling Creston Advance band interview sept 2017. I believe it is a start to a long overlooked Kootenay phenomena that should be documented before we lose these great musicians and the music. It is after all a big part of the areas 1960s history and the pop culture of that time. Creston has 4. well attended reunions played to by the Ambassadors that will attest to that.

11/30/17 12:27 PM #463    


Phillip Armstrong (1964)

Finally taking the time to look through the photos from our get together in September.

Is that Tyson Hann to whom we owe thanks for all the 2017 reunion photos? What an excellent job! Many good memories captured there! Thanks, Tyson.

And, I have to admit, I haven’t yet thanked all those who worked so hard to put on the reunion this year. It was a wonderful event, and I truly do appreciate all of you who were involved in making this happen. Stella and I had a great time that weekend! We thank you all very much!

01/28/18 07:57 AM #464    

Mel Hale (1967)

Hello friends

Great reunion hope to keep more in touch.My wife Diane and I are in sunny Nicaragua for a month

Take care



01/28/18 01:47 PM #465    


Val Floer (Fellman) (1967)

Hi Mel.  We’re glad you enjoyed the reunion; great seeing you again.  We will absolutely make sure to stay in touch👍🏾  How’s your month in Nicaugura?  An interesting choice😊.  


01/29/18 09:22 AM #466    

Mel Hale (1967)

Hi Val. Nicaragua , easy choice .A foot or snow at home . 32C everyday here. Nothing but sun, sand and surf.And beer is cheap. What else does one need??!

01/30/18 12:28 PM #467    

Dennis Truscott (1965)

hi mel;


apparently, nicaragua is the 'up and coming' country, so......we'll be expecting a full report when and if you return to flooding in creston (i hear tell).  where you went, what you did, which is the best beer......most of all, what not to do in this foreign country.   in return, we can keep you posted on who's scoring in canada.


have fun

dennis truscott;  somewhere in the mid-60's.  all i really remember for sure is hockey and girls, girls girls  :)

02/08/18 02:17 PM #468    

Allan Zackodnik (1966)

My son & Daughter-in-law enjoyed Costa Rica this winter.Christine & I went to Cuba.

Cuba observations 2018

For the most part in Valdaro Cuba,  resorts have fantastic white sand beaches that extend for long distances along the shore line as well as out to sea. Some resort locations however are gravel & rocky so do your homework before hand. Other attractions include old cars from the 1950s. (Norman Ringstads 1953 chevy Belair would fit right in. The exception however is the fact that the motor might be from a Russian Latta). Construction is mostly brick, mortar, concrete and iron. History and music is everywhere.

Frustrations include the fact that while brand new buses are the standard with onboard toilets, the toilets are locked and remain locked regardless of the length of any excursion. If nature calls, the bus will divert to a resort, hotel, restaurant, tourist centre, etc, so that you can use other facilities. If it’s dark and whether male or female, and the area is semi remote, the bus will stop for you while you find roadside relief. There is no unlocking the onboard toilets. The likely reason is that the buses have nowhere to off load sewerage.

The food is somewhat bland as Cubans have few if any spices, therefore they cook without spices. Their salt is low grade and clumps badly in the high humidity. So my advice to Canadian travelers, is take your own salt and pepper. Beef is hard to get and very expensive. Hamburgers are pork with perhaps some other meats such as fish and chicken in the ground up mix. BBQs are mostly ham and chicken or seafood (fish & shrimp). They have good pasta and good breads of every sort.

There is an abundance of fruit, juices and vegetables including shredded cabbage, shredded beets, potatoes, beans of every sort, semi ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, etc served with rice. Eggs are a staple. Pancakes are tasty but are made without baking powder so they are flat and resemble a small crape.

And of course at the’ all inclusive’ resorts drinks are free and abundant although in many cases watered down. Rum is everywhere. Cigars and cigarettes easily obtained.

The money is based on a decimal system that is easy to understand. Tourists  get pecos that in exchange convert to about 3.5 pecos (CUC) for our $5 Canadian ( anywhere from 72 to 80 pecos per $100 Canadian). Be careful because each of these pecos breaks down into 25 of the ‘peoples’ pecos (CUP). The resorts , even the banks,will takeadvantage of you if you don’t keep your wits about you. Cuba is a very poor country.  A Canadian making $400 per day is 20 times more than what a Cuban would make in a month. So tips are coveted.

I may be biased but we found European and Russian tourists  arrogant and ill mannered. The Cubans are very honest and polite. If there is any thievery, it will not be a Cuban. Cuba is very safe.

Late January early February can be warm (full sun and breezy) or cold (complete cloud cover,rain and cold winds). We left Fort St. John in -30C and were glad we had taken warm clothes originally intended for the transition at airports but found we had to use some of these warmer items 50% of the time as it was the Cuban winter. Ocean temperatures in the Cuban winter however were warmer than our local summer swimming pool temperatures here in FSJ.

02/09/18 02:18 PM #469    


Brian Endicott (1966)

It sounds like you had a good time and things haven't changed since we were there 9 years ago. On Feb. 1 2009 the temp. was about 9 C. and all of the Cuban's were wraped in blankets because the didn't have coats

02/09/18 02:50 PM #470    


Nora Good (McDowell) (1967)

Glad to hear you had a good visit.
It was 12 degrees here in Creston and then the wind came. We only got 1 cm of blown snow, but what a mean wind. Salad everywhere.
Today it is zero.
Keep well.

02/10/18 11:57 AM #471    


Henry Taggart (1967)

Our reunion was a great success, thanks to the hard work from our reunion committee! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to reconnect with fellow grads,friends! Our winter,so far, has been wet,wet,wet! 🤔 Clear and cool today at -1. I hope that all have a Happy New Year and a great year ahead! 🤗🤗

02/10/18 12:45 PM #472    


Phillip Armstrong (1964)

Allan - Thanks for all the detailed observations from your recent visit to Cuba. I have a niece who is going there this coming week. I'll fill her in on the kinds of things you experienced there.

Hope you are getting some warmer temperatures in Ft. St. John by now. Our own weather looks like it's going to gradually gravitate toward warmer. When I peeked at the thermometer today it read -7C in St. Albert where we are today. So that's pretty good. I don't seem to appreciate the cold stuff as much as I used to. Age is kind of having that effect on me. I've never been to Ft. St. John but I imagine you might get more extreme temperatures there than where we live in Lac La Biche. We did see -40C a couple of times this winter, but we haven't been getting too much of that in recent winters.

All the best,


02/12/18 06:20 AM #473    

Ann Leins (Stoughton) (1966)

Happy Birthday to Judy Toyota (kranabetter) from Ann Stoughton (leins)

02/22/18 02:42 PM #474    

Lesley Smith (Dawe) (1967)

Hi to all,
I want to thank-you for your kind words.
Also I don’t know if it’s our Snow in Victoria or the Winter Olympics or the fact I turned 70!!
However I did start something today that might take some people back many years to our Old Arena.I took my Skates down from their resting place ( for the past 25 years ) and put them on!!! 
Oh my you really never forget.Perhaps I will run into a handsome Hockey Player and my new life will begin .
take care 
Lesley D




02/22/18 03:47 PM #475    


Terry Biccum (1966)

Vicki and family, it seems just like yesterday Ken and I were talking about the military, as we both were veterans and I value that time together my deepest condolences on your loss.

02/24/18 10:21 AM #476    

Lesley Smith (Dawe) (1967)

I would like to apologize for my message forum letter size - Have trouble with my iPad and iPhone at times! This is new to me and my mind isn’t always in the right place.Some of you will remember I was very social in school not academic.Poor Mr Whipple and my other teachers they Did try. So here it is hope this is better. We have Blue sky Sunshine and No Snow at Willows,Oak Bay ( Victoria).

Take Care,



04/04/18 08:19 AM #477    


Val Floer (Fellman) (1967)

It is with much sadness, we announce the passing of fellow 1967 classmate, RANDY SCOTT of Creston, B.C.  Randy passed away on March 31, 2018.   May he rest in peace.   Sincerest condolences to Randy's wife, Bernadette, and to Randy's sister, Sharon Terrill, wife of our fellow classmate Bill Terrill.

Funeral Services will be Friday, April 6th @ 11:00 a.m.  -  Lutheran Church (across from Hospital), in Creston, B.C.

04/05/18 04:10 PM #478    


Lorne Truscott

Thank you for the information, Val.  My parents and Randy's were friends, and we spent many evenings at "Scotty's Trailer Park", usualy for dinner.  I enjoyed Randy's company, and was fortunate enough to speak to him at the reunion last year.  Condolences to his wife and also his sister Sharon, one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever  met.  Lorne Truscott

11/30/18 08:42 AM #479    


Terry Biccum (1966)










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